You are currently viewing BMW offers Snap-In Adapter for Qi Wireless Charging

After BMW announced that the new BMW 7 Series (2016) will have Qi Wireless Charging integrated, they also offer an aftermarket Qi Wireless Charging Snap-In Adapter which allows you to wirelessly charge your smartphone in your car. It fits for all BMW models in which a Snap-In Adapter can be integrated (SA633 / 639 / 644 / 6NK / 6NL / 6NS).

The Snap-In Adapter has a matt black holding clamp made out of high-grade steel with a gummed bottom for safekeeping your smartphone. Furthermore, the adapter has a LED status display which indicates the current charging status of your smartphone. If you want to upgrade your smartphone with the qi standard, you can use a wireless charging adapter for your phone.

Sources / Picture: BMW (German Press Release)

What do you think about this Snap-In Adapter? And do you already use Qi (accessories) in your car? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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