Qi enabled Phones and Devices for Wireless ChargingWondering if your phone is Qi enabled? We’ve got your answer in the following table, which shows you all the Qi enabled phones and devices that currently support wireless charging per the Qi open interface standard. This table displays and filters your results in real time. More than 200 devices currently have Qi built in, and this table is the most complete list of phones with wireless charging available online. We’ll be continuously adding new phones and other devices to this table as they become available.

What are Qi Wireless Charging Phones?

What, exactly, are Qi wireless charging phones? This page covers how wireless charging works and gives you an overview of currently available mobile phones that charge via induction and are compatible with the Qi standard for wireless charging. The table below lists every Qi compatible mobile phone that is equipped with the Qi wireless charging standard by default. Some others not listed here can be upgraded with a specific Qi adapter or charging cover that enables wireless charging. Use this table to quickly find out if and how you can wirelessly charge your phone.

You’ll also learn more about wireless charging in general as well as Qi enabled phones. You can use the following table to filter your results and discover the best phones that use wireless charging. You can also discover and filter through other Qi enabled devices. Please use the ‘Fast Charging’ blue filter to quickly get a list of fast wireless charging phones. Same is possible for ‘Reverse Wireless Charging’ Phones.

Table: All Wireless Charging Phones and Devices 2024

Qi DevicePriceProducerCategoryFast ChargeReverse Charge
iPhone 14$700.00AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone 14 Plus$734.99AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone 14 Pro$1,008.74AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone 14 Pro Max$1,280.00AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone SE 2022$429.00AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W-
iPhone 13$829.00AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone 13 Pro$999.00AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone 13 Pro Max$1,099.00AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone 13 Mini$629.99AppleSmartphoneYes 12W-
iPhone 12$642.36AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone 12 mini$632.03AppleSmartphoneYes 12W-
iPhone 12 Pro$788.75AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone 12 Pro Max$958.93AppleSmartphoneYes 15W-
iPhone SE 2020$144.98AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W-
iPhone 11$399.00AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W-
iPhone 11 Pro$383.86AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W-
iPhone 11 Pro Max$417.86AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W-
iPhone X--AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W (iOS 11.2)-
iPhone XS$899.00AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W-
iPhone XS Max$960.16AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W-
iPhone XR$499.00AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W-
iPhone 8$558.28AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W (iOS 11.2)-
iPhone 8 Plus$320.00AppleSmartphoneYes 7.5W (iOS 11.2)-
AirPods Pro$249.99AppleHeadphones--
Fire HD 10 Plus$104.99Amazon TabletYes 15W-
Fire HD 8 Plus$104.98Amazon TabletYes 10W-
Aspire S24 UR12AcerScreen--
PadFone SAsusSmartphone--
Zen AiO 27AsusScreen--
Beoplay E8Bang & OlufsenHeadphones--
Dark Base Pro 900be quiet!PC Case--
BV9600 ProBlackviewSmartphoneYes-
BV9500 PlusBlackviewSmartphoneYes-
BV6800 ProBlackviewSmartphoneYes-
BV5800 ProBlackviewSmartphoneYes-
G'z One CommandoCASIOSmartphone--
Phone Pro QiEnergySmartphone--
Arrows X F-10DFujitsuSmartphone--
Arrows F-09DFujitsuSmartphone--
Arrows Kiss F-03EFujitsuSmartphone--
Arrows Kiss F-03DFujitsuSmartphone--
Pixel 7a$499.00GoogleSmartphoneYes 21W (Google charger)5 Watts
Pixel 7$569.99GoogleSmartphoneYes 21W (Google charger)5 Watts
Pixel 7 Pro$869.00GoogleSmartphoneYes 23W (Google charger)5 Watts
Pixel 6$599.00GoogleSmartphoneYes 21W (Google charger)5 Watts
Pixel 6 Pro$636.00GoogleSmartphoneYes 23W (Google charger)5 Watts
Pixel 5$446.00GoogleSmartphoneYes (Google charger)5 Watts
Pixel 4a$569.99GoogleSmartphoneYes (Google charger)-
Pixel 4$227.99GoogleSmartphoneYes (Google charger)-
Pixel 4 XL$445.90GoogleSmartphoneYes (Google charger)-
Pixel 3$229.00GoogleSmartphoneYes (Google charger)-
Pixel 3 XL$329.97GoogleSmartphoneYes (Google charger)-
Nexus 7$199.00GoogleTablet--
Nexus 6$369.00GoogleSmartphone--
Nexus 5GoogleSmartphone--
Windows Phone 8X--HTCSmartphone--
HuaweiSmartphoneYes 50W5 Watts
Mate 50 Pro$1,479.36HuaweiSmartphoneYes 50W5 Watts
P50 Pro$835.00HuaweiSmartphoneYes 50W-
Mate 40 Pro$2,455.00HuaweiSmartphoneYes 50W5 Watts
P30 Pro$545.90HuaweiSmartphoneYes5 Watts
Mate 30 Pro$2,139.00HuaweiSmartphoneYes 27W5 Watts
Mate 20 Pro$881.86HuaweiSmartphoneYes5 Watts
Mate RS--HuaweiSmartphone--
Freebuds 3$181.45HuaweiHeadphones--
Freebuds 2 ProHuaweiHeadphones--
MatePad Pro$625.00HuaweiTabletYes-
KensingtonLaptop Riser--
Torque G02KyoceraSmartphone--
Hydro EliteKyoceraSmartphone--
Urbano L01KyoceraSmartphone--
Urbano L03KyoceraSmartphone--
Zone Wireless $225.00LogitechHeadphones--
V60 ThinQ 5G$439.95LGSmartphoneYes-
G8s ThinQ--LGSmartphoneYes-
G8 ThinQ$469.00LGSmartphoneYes-
V50 ThinQLGSmartphoneYes-
V40 ThinQ$399.98LGSmartphone--
G7 ThinQ$179.00LGSmartphone--
G6 PlusLGSmartphone--
V10 (with accessoire)$79.95LGSmartphone--
G4 (with accessoire)$57.45LGSmartphone--
G3 (with accessoire)$114.97LGSmartphone--
G2 (with accessoire)$45.00LGSmartphone--
Vu 2LGSmartphone--
Lucid 3$44.95LGSmartphone--
Optimus IT L-05ELGSmartphone--
Optimus G Pro$249.56LGSmartphone--
Spectrum 2LGSmartphone--
Vu 3LGSmartphone--
Lucid 2$44.95LGSmartphone--
Optimus F5LGSmartphone--
Master 4GM.T.T.Smartphone--
Lumia 950$399.00MicrosoftSmartphone--
Lumia 950 XL$399.99MicrosoftSmartphone--
Lumia 950 Dual SIM$399.00MicrosoftSmartphone--
Edge 30 Pro$698.00MotorolaSmartphoneYes5 Watts
Edge+$1,029.00MotorolaSmartphoneYes 15W (Motorola charger)-
Droid Turbo 2$304.83MotorolaSmartphone--
X ForceMotorolaSmartphone--
Droid Maxx$24.95MotorolaSmartphone--
Moto 360 (2nd Gen)--MotorolaSmartwatch--
Moto MaxxMotorolaSmartphone--
Medias X N-04ENECSmartphone--
Medias PP N-01DNECSmartphone--
Phone (1)$408.99NothingSmartphoneYes 15WYes 5W
XR20$364.00NokiaSmartphoneYes 15W-
9 PureView$545.00NokiaSmartphoneYes 10W-
8 Sirocco$699.98NokiaSmartphoneYes-
Lumia 1520$265.00NokiaSmartphone--
Lumia Icon 929$129.00NokiaSmartphone--
Lumia 930$180.78NokiaSmartphone--
Lumia 928$278.00NokiaSmartphone--
Lumia 920$69.00NokiaSmartphone--
Lumia 830$199.00NokiaSmartphone--
Lumia 735--NokiaSmartphone--
Adapt BBNikeShoes--
8 Pro$649.00OnePlusSmartphoneYes-
Eluga V P-06DPanasonicSmartphone--
Eluga P P-03EPanasonicSmartphone--
Eluga X P-02EPanasonicSmartphone--
ZIK 3--ParrotHeadphones--
Phone 2$773.01RazerSmartphone--
Galaxy S23$699.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S23+$849.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S23 Ultra$999.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Fold 5$1,899.00SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Flip 5$1,119.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 12W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Fold 4$1,479.00SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Flip 4$799.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S22$688.94SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S22+$849.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S22 Ultra$999.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S21 FE$599.00SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G$1,199.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G$828.00SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S21$750.40SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S21+$637.49SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S21 Ultra$695.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Fold 2$560.00SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S20 FE$524.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S20$549.00SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S20+--SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy S20 Ultra$1,399.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Flip 5G$689.00SamsungSmartphoneYes 11W5 Watts
Galaxy Z Flip$879.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 11W5 Watts
Galaxy Fold--SamsungSmartphoneYes5 Watts
Galaxy S10--SamsungSmartphoneYes 12W5 Watts
Galaxy S10E$349.99SamsungSmartphoneYes-
Galaxy S10+$351.99SamsungSmartphoneYes 12W5 Watts
Galaxy S9--SamsungSmartphoneYes 9W-
Galaxy S9+$399.97SamsungSmartphoneYes 9W-
Galaxy S8$271.89SamsungSmartphoneYes 9W-
Galaxy S8+$379.00SamsungSmartphoneYes 9W-
Galaxy S7$397.79SamsungSmartphoneYes 9W-
Galaxy S7 Edge$359.76SamsungSmartphoneYes 9W-
Galaxy S7 Active$286.41SamsungSmartphoneYes 9W-
Galaxy S6$329.97SamsungSmartphone--
Galaxy S6 Edge$154.99SamsungSmartphone--
Galaxy S6 Active$329.97SamsungSmartphone--
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G--SamsungTabletYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Note 20 5G$749.97SamsungTabletYes 15W5 Watts
Galaxy Note 20SamsungTabletYes5 Watts
Galaxy Note 10+--SamsungTabletYes 15W-
Galaxy Note 10--SamsungTabletYes 11W-
Galaxy Note 9--SamsungTablet--
Galaxy Note 8$399.97SamsungTablet--
Galaxy Note 5$199.99SamsungTablet--
Galaxy Buds+$124.99SamsungHeadphones--
Galaxy Buds--SamsungHeadphones--
Galaxy Gear S3$449.00SamsungSmartwatch--
Galaxy Gear S2$179.99SamsungSmartwatch--
Galaxy Watch$248.98SamsungSmartwatch--
Galaxy Watch Active$269.99SamsungSmartwatch--
V2 (or V Squared)SaygusSmartphone--
Aquos SH-13CSharpSmartphone--
Aquos Zeta SH-06ESharpSmartphone--
Aquos Zeta SH-09DSharpSmartphone--
Aquos SH-07DSharpSmartphone--
Q-POT SH-04DSharpSmartphone--
Aquos Slider SH-02DSharpSmartphone--
Aquos EX SH-04ESharpSmartphone--
Xperia 1 II$925.99SonySmartphoneYes-
Xperia XZ3$309.99SonySmartphoneYes-
Xperia XZ2$289.99SonySmartphoneYes-
Basic BearTechdySmartphone--
Bear ProTechdySmartphone--
Signature TouchVertuSmartphone--
XiaomiSmartphoneYes 50W (Xiaomi charger)10 Watts
13 Pro$1,299.00XiaomiSmartphoneYes 50W (Xiaomi charger)10 Watts
12$469.99XiaomiSmartphoneYes5 Watts
12 Pro$760.00XiaomiSmartphoneYes 55W (Xiaomi charger)5 Watts
Mi 11XiaomiSmartphoneYes5 Watts
Mi 10 UltraXiaomiSmartphoneYes 55W (Xiaomi charger)-
Mi 10 ProXiaomiSmartphoneYes 55W (Xiaomi charger)-
Mi 10--XiaomiSmartphoneYes 55W (Xiaomi charger)-
XiaomiSmartphoneYes 55W (Xiaomi charger)-
Mi 7XiaomiSmartphoneYes-
Mi Mix 3XiaomiSmartphoneYes-
Mi Mix 2SXiaomiSmartphone--
Armor 6SUlefoneSmartphoneYes-
Z2 ProUmidigiSmartphoneYes-
One ProUmidigiSmartphoneYes-
Midgard III QiXigmatekComputer Case--
YotaPhone 2--YotaPhoneSmartphone--
Axon 9 Pro--ZTESmartphone--
Telstra Tough MaxZTESmartphone--
Telstra Tough MaxZTESmartphone--

How does Wireless Charging work?

how does wireless charging for smartphones work

If you’re not familiar with how wireless charging for smartphones works, then you’ve come to the right place. This section will give you a quick overview of how wireless charging works as well as a glimpse into the market for wireless chargers that are based on the Qi standard.

Inductive chargers have been on the market for several years at this point and have left some “teething” troubles in their wake. Smartphones usually already use wireless charging as a current standard; wireless charging uses induction technology (similar to what electronic toothbrushes use) to wirelessly transmit energy over short distances using electromagnetic waves to supply smartphones with power.

But what, exactly, is a Qi enabled mobile phone, and which mobile phones support inductive charging? The following sections have your answer. The market for wireless chargers that are based on the Qi standard has grown considerably in recent years. Wireless charging is now a popular trend and has even gotten iPhones on board.

Rather than use a cable charger, wireless charging lets you conveniently place your device on a mobile charging station. This charging station generates a small electromagnetic field that’s located a few millimeters above its charging surface once the station detects a compatible device. The exchange of inductive energy between the coils of the transmitter and receiver begins immediately after placing your phone on the charging station. The receiver coil passes a current directly to your smartphone’s battery, which then charges wirelessly.

What is the Qi Standard?

Qi Wireless Charging
Qi-Standard Logo © WPC

What does Qi stand for? Qi is a universal standard for wireless charging and was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) founded in 2008. It is based on the principle of induction, which states that electromagnetic waves are used to wirelessly transfer energy over short distances. The chargers are also called induction chargers or inductive chargers. The Qi standard is currently used for smartphones and other small devices and has established itself as a wireless charging standard.

More than 360 member companies belong to the WPC, and all of them conform to the standards that the Qi Certification Program outlines. The program relies on a network of independent and authorized test laboratories located around the globe that test for safety, interoperability, and functionality. These labs use various test procedures when testing these specific properties, and only Qi-certified devices may use the Qi logo.

The Qi standard considers multiple precautions regarding customer safety that include foreign object detection and heat shielding. Independent laboratories that conduct tests on devices that have not been certified by the WPC indicate that non-certified products may reach temperatures as high as 93 degrees Celsius. These temperatures can cause third-degree burns, which is why it’s important to make sure that Qi compatible phones carry the WPC-authorized Qi logo.

How fast is Wireless Charging?

Qi enabled phones have the advantage of being able to wirelessly charge with all Qi chargers, regardless of a charger’s manufacturer. More than anything, it’s highly convenient to be able to wirelessly charge a mobile phone rather than connecting it to a charging cable. Thanks to the Qi standard, Qi charging uses power levels usually ranging from 5-15 watts, and Qi chargers are always downward compatible. You can learn more about the best Qi chargers and their different power levels in our smartphone descriptions.

Most modern smartphone models support the speedier Fast Wireless Charging level of 10-15 watts. Depending on the manufacturer, though, the way this charging level affects a device’s performance can vary, and it demands a suitable Qi charger to achieve optimal performance. The current level for iPhones, for example, is 7.5, 12 or 15 watts when using the MagSafe charger. The Google Pixel 6 can reach power levels as high as 23 watts. These days, manufacturers typically design wireless chargers that adhere to the Qi standard for multiple power levels.

Although Qi technology arrived on the mass market in 2024, some smartphone manufacturers are among Qi technology’s forerunners, while others are still struggling to adopt it. Multiple smartphones that are currently available have firmly established the Qi standard, and you can learn more about them in our ‘What is the Qi Standard?’ article.

Samsung’s Fast Wireless Charging:

  • 15 watts: from Galaxy S20-series on / Galaxy Note 10+
  • 12 watts: from Galaxy S10-series on
  • 11 watts: Galaxy Note 10
  • 9 watts: from S7-series on

Apple’s Fast Wireless Charging:

  • 15 watts: from iPhone 12 on (incl. MagSafe)
  • 12 watts: iPhone 13 mini / iPhone 12 mini
  • 7.5 watts: from iPhone 8 on + iPhone SE

Qi enabled devices

What Are Qi enabled Phones?

Phones that are Qi enabled use the Qi standard (“Qi” translates to “life energy” in Chinese) by default for wireless charging or are designed to be upgraded to use the Qi standard. These phones use a Qi receiver coil that enables the transfer of inductive energy. If you’re interested in wirelessly charging your mobile phone, you’ll want to verify that it supports the Qi standard.

Most smartphones include a built-in Qi standard, while older devices may require an upgrade from their manufacturer. Generally speaking, you can upgrade most other mobile phones with a Qi adapter. You can find Qi compatible and Qi-certified smartphone models in our mobile phone overview as well as models that are designed to be upgraded.

How Do You Add Inductive Charging Via Qi?

Wireless Charging Case for Smartphones

You can upgrade your mobile phone with Qi quickly and easily: if the back of your mobile phone doesn’t include charging contacts specifically for Qi receivers, simply use special Qi charging pads. You can attach these charging pads to the back of your phone, which connect to your device’s battery and enable inductive charging.

Induction allows the energy from a Qi charger to flow from a Qi receiver coil to your mobile device’s battery. Wireless charging cases are great alternatives to charging pads and are sometimes available with additional built-in batteries.

How To Make Your Device Qi Compatible?

Qi-certified and compatible devices include built-in Qi receive coils. Older devices or devices that don’t include receiver coils, though, can still be converted into wireless charging phones that use the Qi standard. Certain smartphone models use specific charging contacts that function with Qi receivers, while others need universal charging pads to wirelessly charge.


Current Mobile Phones With Wireless Charging

The top of our mobile phone list always includes the latest Qi enabled phones. Modern smartphone models, particularly models developed by Samsung (and more recently Apple) typically include a built-in Qi standard. Older phone models and adapters usually use power levels of five watts for wireless charging. More recent Apple iPhone models use power levels of 15 watts. Samsung’s most recent smartphone models use power levels of up to ten watts. The Google Pixel 6 uses a power level of 23 watts!

You can choose your desired smartphone model from our Qi mobile phone overview to locate suitable wireless charging accessories.

New Wireless Charging Phones: The latest Qi capable Phones

We’ve gathered a list of the latest Qi-capable phones as of 2024:

  • Apple iPhone 14/ Plus/ Pro/ Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone SE 2022
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 5G/ S22+ (Plus) 5G/ S22 Ultra 5G
  • Apple iPhone 13/ Mini/ Pro/ Pro Max
  • Google Pixel 6/ Pixel 6 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro (Max)/ iPhone 12 mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G/ S21+ (Plus) 5G/ S21 Ultra 5G
  • Google Pixel 5/ Pixel 5 XL
  • Huawei P40 Pro (+)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20/ 5G/ Ultra 5G
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (Tablet)
  • Apple iPhone SE 2 (2020) 2nd Generation
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy S20/ S20+/ S20 Ultra
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • Nokia 9 PureView
  • Xiaomi 12/ 12 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ Note 10+
  • Apple iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Xiaomi Mi 11
  • ZTE Axon 10 Pro
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 & Mi 9 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • ZTE Axon 9 Pro
  • LG V40 ThinQ
  • Google Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • LG G7 ThinQ
  • Apple iPhone XS/ XS Max/ XR
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+

Wireless Charging Smartphones: Pros & Cons

Check out the biggest pros and cons of smartphones that use wireless charging below:

Qi enabled Phones Pros:

  • Practical for day-to-day life
  • No impact on mobile device durability
  • Usable in the car
  • Qi charging standard is identical across multiple manufacturers
  • Rising use in public locations (bars, cafes, airports, hotels)
  • Safer compared to wired charging in public locations

Qi enabled Phones Cons:

  • Charging may lasts longer
  • Greater power consumption compared to wired charging
  • Certain devices must be upgraded to support wireless charging
  • Devices must maintain direct contact with charging stations
  • Thicker protection covers aren’t usable during charging

Samsung Wireless Charging Phones

Wireless Charging Samsung Phones

Need to know which Samsung phones support contactless charging? Simply select the “Samsung filter” in the above table to find out.

Although Nokia was technically the first company to use Qi technology, Samsung is widely regarded as the pioneer of wireless charging. If you need to wirelessly charge your Samsung phone, then you’re in luck: Samsung currently offers the largest number of Qi compatible phones. The South Korean manufacturer has used the Qi charging standard since the release of its Samsung Galaxy S6 model, and it has also launched additional Qi chargers for subsequent model series. It should come as no surprise, then, that Samsung is the Qi charger market leader.

Samsung recently released its wireless “Galaxy Buds” Bluetooth headphones, further cementing its status as a pioneer of wireless charging. These headphones can be charged using any charging station and can even charge by being placed on the back of the Galaxy S10. If you’re an Android smartphone user, you can find some of the best Qi-charging phones among the above list’s Samsung devices.

Wireless Charging for Apple iPhones

Wireless Charging for Apple iPhoneWhen it comes to smartphones, no brand names are more well-known than Apple. The Apple iPhone (and of course, its legendary inventor Steve Jobs) is renowned for its innovations in the mobile phone sector. With that said, the iPhone adopted contactless charging technology relatively late according to the Qi standard, as the iPhone 8 was the first model to adopt wireless charging using the Qi standard, followed by all newer models.

How To Upgrade Any Smartphone To Make It Qi Compatible

Don’t currently have a phone that has wireless charging enabled? No problem – you can easily add the Qi standard to your device if you own a smartphone whose manufacturer didn’t supply it with Qi.

You’ll need a universal wireless charging adapter that has a micro-USB connection. You can also find Qi sleeves and adapters that are made specifically for certain smartphone models. You can also purchase new back panels (for certain smartphone models) that enable contactless charging. Keep in mind that Qi is likely to become a standard inclusion on most smartphones soon.

Qi Enabled Phones: Conclusion On Wireless Charging For Mobile Phones

Wireless charging, or Qi enabled charging, is now commonly included in most modern smartphone models designed by a wide range of manufacturers. Samsung and Apple are the most notable manufacturers that have chosen to invest in contactless charging and include wireless charging in their smartphone models.

Current Samsung smartphone models as well as newer iPhone models are equipped with a faster “Fast Wireless Charging” standard – this standard is downward compatible with lower wireless charging power levels and is also compatible with older Qi chargers. Wireless or inductive charging is quickly becoming more common in day-to-day life and is enjoying a renewed level of recognition thanks to Apple’s greater investment in Qi technology.

The availability of fresh energy is fast becoming an issue for smartphones that are becoming ever more powerful. So, if you’re able to charge your smartphone wirelessly, being able to use it in everyday life can become a bit easier. Additionally, the growing proliferation of wireless Qi charging is also contributing to Qi technology’s rising popularity; Qi chargers are ideal for use in public spaces and are therefore becoming more well-known among mobile phone users.

Mobile phones should ideally be able to exchange energy in the near future: this concept is what’s known as “reverse wireless charging” which we briefly touched on in the Qi compatible Phones List. It offers many promising possibilities, although it does have a glaring shortcoming: reverse wireless charging in its current state is working with the slower 5 watts. Nevertheless, this concept is highly interesting and can prove immensely useful in emergencies.

Reverse wireless charging is intended mainly for smaller mobile devices that use inductive charging, such as smartwatches and Bluetooth headphones. One of the earliest and most popular instances of reverse wireless charging being included in a smaller mobile device’s design traces back to the Samsung Galaxy S10. The release of the Galaxy S10 model, which included the “Galaxy Buds” Bluetooth headphones, marked the beginning of Samsung’s foray into reverse wireless charging technology. As of August 2022, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is its latest model that uses reverse wireless charging technology per the Qi standard.  Manufacturers such as Belkin, Anker, and Zens beside Samsung and Apple all offer robust inductive chargers. We keep you up to date about Wireless Charging here at Qi-Wireless-Charging.net.

Anything missing? Please let us know

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