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Is it possible to charge the iPhone SE wirelessly? We have the answer and all the details on this topic. The iPhone SE, Apple’s budget-friendly entry into the iPhone lineup, may be economically priced, but it doesn’t skimp on features—it even includes many of the high-end features found in pricier models. Notably, the third-generation iPhone SE supports inductive charging, a rarity in many budget smartphones. However, there are nuances to the wireless charging capabilities across different SE models that we will explore in detail below.

The iPhone SE (2022) maintains its classic design, including a physical home button, much to the delight of many Apple enthusiasts. While it offers impressive battery performance and features for its price, it does not support Apple’s MagSafe technology.

Apple introduced MagSafe with the iPhone 12 series, a Qi-based charger that magnetically attaches to compatible iPhones, simplifying the charging process and allowing continued phone use during charging. Does this mean iPhone SE users miss out on this convenience? We’ll delve into that question further down.

Which iPhone SE Models Support Wireless Charging?

Apple has incorporated wireless charging starting with the iPhone 8 in 2017. The first-generation iPhone SE, released in 2016, unfortunately doesn’t support this feature out of the box. However, the second-generation iPhone SE (2020) and its successor both support Qi standard inductive charging and can be used with any Qi charger, though they do not support MagSafe.

Specifically, the following iPhone SE models can be charged wirelessly:

  • iPhone SE 2022 (3rd generation) – up to 7.5 watts
  • iPhone SE 2020 (2nd generation) – up to 7.5 watts
  • iPhone SE 2016 (1st generation) – with retrofitting only

Detailed Look at Wireless Charging with iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE (2022) is equipped with the wireless charging standard out of the box. Wireless charging via induction can therefore be used here immediately. To do so, you simply have to place the device on a corresponding charging station and the charging process starts. But which wireless chargers are suitable for the iPhone SE (2022)? Which performance does the iPhone SE 3 support? More about that in the next section.

Which Qi Chargers Are Suitable for the iPhone SE 3 (2022)?

Belkin 3-in-1 Qi wireless charger with 7.5 watts

The iPhone SE 3 supports 7.5 watts during wireless charging, so chargers offering this power level are ideal.

Although it isn’t compatible for higher power levels, a MagSafe charger can still be used because the Qi standard is backwards compatible. However, you won’t achieve the 15 watts typical of MagSafe chargers with the third-generation iPhone SE.

Recommended Qi Chargers for iPhone SE:

  • Anker PowerWave Stand
  • Samsung Wireless Charger Pad
  • NANAMI Fast Wireless Charger

Since the 7.5 watt power level for iPhones dates back to a time when there was no in-house MagSafe charger, there are official recommendations from Apple for corresponding charging stations. The manufacturers collaborated with Apple in the development and the devices were optimized for iPhones (“Made for iPhone”). More detailed descriptions of these official models can also be found in the article: iPhone wireless charging.

Official Apple recommended Qi chargers:

  • Apple MagSafe Charger & Duo Charger
  • Belkin Boost Charge
  • Belkin Boost Charge 3-in-1
  • Belkin Boost Charge charging stand

Can MagSafe Be Retrofitted to the iPhone SE?

While you cannot upgrade the iPhone SE (2022) to charge at the 15-watt MagSafe power level, you can add MagSafe’s convenient magnetic docking feature. Various third-party manufacturers offer MagSafe-compatible cases for the iPhone SE 3 (2022). Because the iPhone SE 2 (2020) shares the same dimensions, it’s also straightforward to add MagSafe functionality with a case.

» iPhone SE (2022) MagSafe cases

Retrofit MagSafe: Snap adapter for almost every smartphone

Retrofitting MagSafe with a caseAnother option to retrofit the MagSafe function is the Mophie Snap adapter. This is a magnetic ring that is simply stuck to the smartphone’s back or case. Thus, almost every smartphone can be equipped with the practical magnetic holder. However, this only works as long as the smartphone is of a sufficient size. The dimensions of the first iPhone SE (2016) are unfortunately not sufficient for this. Otherwise, the MagSafe adapter can be used universally. If you want, you can also use it to retrofit an Android smartphone with MagSafe.

Together with the so-called Snap adapter, the practical metal ring, Mophie offers other Snap accessories, such as a MagSafe-like wireless charger, a wireless charging stand and a car mount. Especially in the car, it is very convenient to clamp the smartphone magnetically to the holder when getting into the car instead of plugging in the charging cable with the second hand. The magnetic holder is strong enough to hold the phone firmly in place even when it is shaken.

Besides Mophie, other manufacturers also offer similar accessories, some of which are more similar to the MagSafe design. We recommend retrofitting this feature to non-Apple devices as well, because it makes wireless charging even easier – especially in the car.

» Snap adapter – magnetic ring (MagSafe retrofit)

Qi chargers with MagSafe

Belkin MagSafe Magnetic Wireless ChargerThe Qi chargers for the iPhone SE mentioned above are not generally MagSafe compatible, except for Apple’s in-house version. So they don’t have magnets to hold the smartphone in place. So, if you want to upgrade your smartphone with MagSafe, you should go for one of the following Qi chargers with MagSafe feature:

Popular Qi chargers with MagSafe:

  • Anker 313 Magnetic Charging Pad
  • Belkin BoostCharge Pro
  • Anker PowerWave 2-in-1

Inductive charging on the iPhone SE 2020

Like its successor, the iPhone SE 2 (2020) comes with built-in Qi standard for inductive charging and supports up to 7.5 watts.

While retrofitting a case can add MagSafe’s magnetic functionality, it won’t increase the charging speed beyond the standard 7.5 watts. However, this still allows for convenient charging solutions compatible with Apple’s guidelines from before the introduction of their in-house MagSafe technology.

The best wireless chargers for iPhone SE 2 (2020)

The chargers that are recommended for the new iPhone SE 3 are also found to be equally effective for the iPhone SE 2, largely since these charger models had already been approved and given the seal of approval by Apple themselves, even before the introduction of their MagSafe technology.

This implies that while the MagSafe chargers have brought about an era of convenience and faster charging, the previously recommended chargers for the older models like the iPhone SE 2 were held to a high standard by Apple, and thus, remain effective solutions for charging the latest iPhone SE 3.

Retrofitting wireless charging on the iPhone SE (2016)

Apple iPhone SE (2016) wireless charging

Wireless charging can be added to any smartphone using Qi adapters. These adapters attach to the back of the phone and connect to the charging port at the bottom. The charging performance of these adapters varies, typically ranging from 1000 mAh to 2000 mAh, which affects the charging speed.

For best results, these adapters should be placed under a case, although this might slightly reduce performance for some models with lower capacities like 500 or 900 mAh. Another option is Qi cases, which have the receiver coil built into the case itself, usually offering around 1000 mAh of power. However, we recommend using Qi adapters that provide 2000 mAh or 10 watts (Fast Wireless Charging) combined with a slim plastic case. With this setup, even the older iPhone SE from 2016 can charge nearly as quickly as newer models if you use a fast Qi charging station (10-15 watts).

» Qi adapter with 2000 mAh (10W) for retrofitting.

FAQ: iPhone SE Wireless Charging Questions

Can I charge the iPhone SE wirelessly?

Yes, the iPhone SE 3 (2022) and iPhone SE 2 (2020) support wireless charging out of the box at 7.5 watts using the Qi standard and can be used with any Qi charger. The older iPhone SE (2016) can also be equipped for wireless charging with universal Qi adapters.

Can the iPhone SE 2022 charge wirelessly?

The iPhone SE (2022) charges wirelessly just like the second generation, supporting up to 7.5 watts. Although it’s incompatible with Apple’s MagSafe chargers for increased power, you can add MagSafe features through cases or snap adapters, which allow it to work with MagSafe chargers without increasing the charging power.

Which iPhone SE supports inductive charging?

Both the second and third generation iPhone SE models come with inductive charging capabilities using the Qi standard, supporting up to 7.5 watts.

Does the iPhone SE support MagSafe?

The iPhone SE models don’t initially support MagSafe, but you can add this feature through special cases. This addition won’t boost charging speeds—MagSafe typically offers up to 15 watts—but you can still use the MagSafe charger at 7.5 watts.

How can you retrofit MagSafe?

To add MagSafe, you can fit your phone with a compatible MagSafe case or attach a snap adapter, which is a magnetic ring that works with nearly any phone model.

How fast is wireless charging on the iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE 2 and SE 3 models charge at 7.5 watts, which is Apple’s standard starting power level. Later models may support up to 15 watts.

Can I use any wireless charger for the iPhone SE?

For the iPhone SE (2020) and (2022), it’s best to use a charger that supports the 7.5 watt power level. Using a lower-powered charger might reduce the charging power to 5 watts, though most common Qi chargers and Apple’s MagSafe charger support the 7.5 watt level.

Conclusion: iPhone SE can charge wirelessly, even with MagSafe.

If you’re considering wireless charging for the more affordable iPhone SE models, you’re in luck. While they may not charge as quickly as higher-end models, they can still use this feature effectively. You can also retrofit MagSafe with special third-party cases. While this doesn’t increase charging power, it enables the use of MagSafe’s convenient magnetic feature. The first-generation iPhone SE doesn’t come with wireless charging but can be upgraded with universal Qi adapters. MagSafe, however, is not available for this model.

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