You are currently viewing New Volkswagen Golf 7 Facelift with Qi Wireless Charging

A few days ago, Volksagen introduced the brand new Golf 7 Facelift which comes with plenty of new features like a bigger Display for the Infotainment System, LED Headlights or the brand new Virtual Active Info Display


New Infotainment Systems with Gesture Control


And also the new optional “phone interface comfort” which offers Qi Wireless Charging with an integrated antenna to boost yourt phones signal to have the best possible quality while you are having a call.


Want to check if your phone is capable to being charged wirelessly?

qi compatible phone

1.) scan the QR-Code with a QR Reader of your choice or
2.) visit with your smartphone and we will show you whether your device supports Qi Wireless Charging or not.



Source / Pictures: Volkswagen


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