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Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea’s largest automaker, has unveiled the Ioniq, its advanced, alternative-fuel compact vehicle due for launch in 2016. The car will be available with an electric, plug-in gasoline/electric hybrid (HEV), or gasoline/electric hybrid powertrain, with the Ioniq Hybrid variant the first to come to market.

“To ensure occupants’ phones are always charged, Ioniq also offers a wireless inductive charging pad (Qi standard) for mobile phones, set among the other cutting-edge features inside the car”, the company said.

This is the first Hyundai model with Qi Wireless Charging and it seems like the company follows the example of many other well-known car manufacturers. There are already over 14 car manufacturers and many different models supporting Qi and we would love to see even more car manufacturers supporting Qi.

Source / Picture: Hyundai

What do you think about Qi Wireless Charging in cars? Do you already use any Qi accessories for charging your smartphones wirelessly in your car? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. John Burns

    Hiya, my Galaxy S10 plus is compatible but I don’t know if there’s a kit to fit it.

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