You are currently viewing New Audi Q7 supports Qi Wireless Charging

The new Audi Q7, which can be ordered soon (Q2/2015), can be equipped with Qi Wireless Charging. Just like with the new Škoda Superb III, Qi can be integrated in the phone box in order to offer customers the possibility for charging their devices wirelessly.

After Škoda another big car manufacturer offers Qi Wireless Charging in cars. It seems like Qi gets more and more established in the automotive sector as well and we are looking forward to see new models and other car manufacturers supporting Qi in the future.

Source / Picture: Audi

What do you think about Qi Wireless Charging in cars? Do you find it useful? Which other car manufacturers should offer cars with support for Qi Wireless Charging as well? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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