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Opel now offers vehicle-integrated wireless charging in selected model variants of the stylish ADAM, enabling you to recharge your phone’s battery via an electromagnetic field, reducing clutter and the need for cables. You can just place your smartphone on the integrated charger and wireless charging will begin immediately.

“Our award-winning, smartphone-compatible IntelliLink infotainment technology made its premiere in the Opel ADAM, which is the perfect example of how much individuality and technology can be packed into a small car. And now with wireless charging as well as Opel OnStar, we are taking successful lifestyle mini to an even higher level,” says Peter Christian Küspert, Vice President Sales and Aftersales Opel Group.

The wireless charger in the ADAM is compatible with the “Qi” and “Powermat” interface standards and it is located in the center console in front of the gear lever. Drivers can keep their hands on the steering wheel and, using Bluetooth, they can pair their wireless charging enabled phone to the vehicle and, for example, make calls or stream music while the device is both out of the way and carging.

Wireless charging is available as an option for €135 on all members of the ADAM family except the base version.

Source / Picture: Opel

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