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Mercedes announced at the CES 2016 that the new E-Class will support Qi Wireless Charging. The Qi Transmitter will be integrated in the front part of the centre console and Mercedes drivers can charge their mobile devices wirelessly by simply placing them on the inductive charging area (153×90 mm).

“Everyone wants to be able to charge their smartphone wirelessly, as this eliminates the burden of looking for a plug and also the irritating cables. Mercedes-Benz will make this technology already available today for its customers of the new E-Class, in which it additionally enables capacitive aerial coupling”, Mercedes said.

Although Mercedes isn’t the first big german car manufacturer which offers cars with support for Qi Wireless Charging – Audi and BMW offered Qi Wireless Charging in their cars before – this is another global player in the automotive sector which supports the Qi standard. It seems like Qi is already the established standard for Wireless Charging in the automotive sector and we are curious if/which other well-known car manufacturers will follow.

Source / Picture: Mercedes Benz

What do you think about Qi Wireless Charging in cars? Do you already use any Qi accessories for charging your smartphones wirelessly in your car? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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