You are currently viewing New Toyota Prius 2016 supports Qi Wireless Charging

Toyota’s new Prius 2016 will have Qi built-in. The Qi Transmitter will be integrated in the centre console of the Prius and an indicator light will show the current charging status. With available Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charging, you can simply place your Qi-compatible smartphone or other compatible device on the nonslip surface to charge it up wirelessly.

With Toyota, another big global car manufacturer supports the Qi standard. Škoda, BMW, Mercedes or Audi support Qi as well and all of them integrated it in their cars or offer Qi accessories for their models.

Source / Picture: Toyota

What do you think about Qi Wireless Charging in cars? Do you already use any Qi accessories for charging your smartphones wirelessly in your car? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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