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The Taiwanese based Company “Fusion” offers some really cool Qi Wireless Charging Cases for several iPhone Models like the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus as well as for some iPad models.

All cases support Dual Mode Wireless Charging (PMA/WPC “Qi”), have a card reader to save for example your photos from your phone directly to the card and there is also a magnetic external battery which offers you an extra charge while on the go. All products are Apple approved “MFi” and easy to use.

If you remove just the Charging Module, you can use also your lightning cable to synchronise or charge, even if the case is still on your phone.

Here are some live photos from our test, from left to right:

1. iPhone, 2. Case, 3. Charging Module, 4. Magnetic Battery

First you fit on the case to your phone and then slide in the Charging Module from the bottom and your
phone is ready of being charged wirelessly.

With the available magnetic battery, you can also charge while on the go and remove the battery when done.
This feature is quite cool, as you avoid a thick case  with integrated battery, so you just add it when needed
and afterwards you have a slim and sleek case which fits easily into your pocket.

Want to check, if your phone / tablet can be charged wirelessly with Qi?

qi compatible phone

1.) scan the QR-Code with a QR Reader of your choice or
2.) visit with your smartphone and we will show you whether your device supports Qi Wireless Charging or not. Alternatively, you can check our up to date list with compatible devices

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