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Engineered by power management experts from ground up, Omnicharge is equipped with intelligent charging technology to set a new standard for portable power. It is smart power bank that fits right into the palm of your hand. Integrated with an intelligent charging system, Omnicharge has AC/DC output and two fast charging USB ports. The patented hardware and firmware solution allows you to charge laptops, including the MacBook Pro, DSLR, LCD TVs or any other small home appliance or smart device.


There are two different models available, depending on your need. The right model is the Pro Version, which can be ordered with an optional “Qi Wireless Charging” Module for the easiest way of charging. The Standard Model doesn’t have the option for Qi Wireless Charging. The Pro Model can be purchased for $139 + Shipping  and additional $16 for the Qi Wireless Charging Option.


Omnicharge allows you to charge multiple devices at once:


Charge up to three (2 USB, 1 AC/DC Socket) devices at once, even while OmniCharge itself is being charged. Plug in and power up!

Source / Pictures: Omnicharge


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