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Samsung Wireless Chargers are among the best Qi Chargers on the market; after all, the smartphone manufacturer is one of the pioneers in the field of inductive charging technology, especially Qi Wireless Charging. Samsung was already one of the first manufacturers to use the Qi-standard for the wireless transfer of energy. This development is continuing: the smartphone giant built the Qi-standard into every new Galaxy model from the S6 onwards. Since then, Samsung’s Wireless Charging Pads have been impressing with first-class technology, careful craft, and unique design – the manufacturer was able to set standards in this class of devices. Samsung was also one of the first to incorporate the faster Qi standard in its wireless chargers, and this is now standard in modern Qi Chargers.

In this overview, you will find all wireless chargers from samsung with detailed reviews. Below, you see a detailed list with all Samsung wireless charging pads that have been released so far – jump to the overview and compare here!

New Samsung wireless chargers at a glance:

  1. Samsung EP-N5200 | Aug. 2019 | $119.97
  2. Samsung EP-P5200 | Feb. 2019 | $94.99 (-5%)
  3. Samsung EP-N5105 | Okt 2019 | $69.99 (-10%)
  4. Samsung EP-P1100 | Oct. 2018 | $280.00
  5. Samsung EP-N6100 | Aug. 2018 | $49.99
  6. Samsung EP-P3100 | Aug. 2018 | $34.00 (-32%)
  7. Samsung EP-N5100 | Feb. 2018 | $69.95

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Manufacturer Samsung: Market Leader for Wireless Chargers

The smartphone and Qi charger manufacturer Samsung is considered one of the pioneers in the field of inductive charging. The manufacturer already planned the Galaxy S3 from the year 2012 for retrofitting with the Qi standard.It had to charge contacts on the back where a Qi receiver could be placed. The successor models S4 and S5 were also offered by the manufacturer with charging connections for Qi adapters. Since then, at least every Galaxy model has been marketed together with its own mobile phone induction charger or wireless charger.

Samsung is therefore already convinced of inductive charging technology before 2012 and has been incorporating the Qi standard in its smartphone models with the Galaxy S6 as standard in its mobile phone series since 2015.From this model onwards, Samsung phones no longer require “Qi upgrading” to use this technology.

The manufacturer is convinced that inductive charging stations make everyday life with smartphones easier. For this reason, Samsung put together a team at the end of 2000 to deal exclusively with the topic of wireless charging. Year after year, the result is a bestselling product in the field of induction chargers from Samsung.

Since then, technology and design have been continuously improved and brought up to date. Thus, Samsung succeeded in setting standards in the field of wireless charging technology and in living up to its pioneering role as the market leader.

What is the best Samsung Wireless Charger?

Wireless charging devices from Samsung are numerous on the market. This is because, in recent years, a new inductive charging station has been introduced with every new Galaxy model. Not only the performance but also the design and function of the individual models differ. For a quick overview, we have listed the various Samsung induction chargers below, sorted by the mobile phone model series for which they were released. We recommend to use the qi charger which came on market together with your phone or alternatively just the latest samsung wireless charger.

The Samsung Qi Fast Charging Station – “Fast Charge”

Inductive fast-charging stations, according to the Qi standard, were the first to be launched by Samsung. This further development of the Qi standard allows faster, wireless charging of the smartphone. For this purpose, up to 15 watts are now used for the charging process instead of the usual 5 watts in conventional Qi chargers. However, inductive charging with a fast-charging function is not supported by every mobile phone – only model starting with the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the iPhone 8 or X can be charged with this so-called “fast charging” Qi standard. All other models can, of course, still be used with a Qi fast charging station and can be charged wirelessly – just a little slower.

August 2015 was the market launch of the inductive Qi fast-chargers – marked “Fast Charge”. Since then, the following models with the quicker Qi-standard have appeared – but some of them have already been replaced by successors.

Overview: All Samsung Qi Chargers 2024

Samsung Fast Wireless Chargers:

  • Samsung EP-P5200 | 2019 |
  • Samsung EP-P1100 | 2018 |
  • Samsung EP-N6100 | 2018 |
  • Samsung EP-P3100 | 2018 |
  • Samsung EP-N5100 | 2018 |
  • Samsung EP-PG950 | 2017 |
  • Samsung EP-NG930 | 2016 |
  • Samsung EP-PN920 | 2015 |

Samsung Qi Chargers with 5 Watt power:

  • Samsung EP-PG920 | 2015 |
  • Samsung EP-PA510 | 2015 |
  • Samsung EP-PG900 | 2014 |
  • Samsung EP-P100I | 2013 |

Further inductive chargers with Qi standard:

  • Samsung EB-U1200 | Qi Powerbank (Fast Charging)
  • Samsung EP-HN910 | not available | Car Cradle
  • Samsung EP-PA710TB | | for Bluetooth speaker Samsung Bottle
  • Samsung EP-OR720 | | for Smartwatch Samsung Gear S2

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Short introduction: All Wireless Charging Pads in quick comparison

Let’s take a closer look at the individual Samsung induction chargers. Here you will find an overview including a short presentation of all Qi chargers from Samsung. In essence, a complete overview of the best models from all manufacturers can be found in the comparison. The following models are sorted chronologically:

1. Wireless Charger for Samsung Note 9 & Galaxy Watch (EP-N6100)

With the EP-N6100, you kill two birds with one stone or – more correctly – you can charge two devices inductively at oncebecause this Qi charging station is a dual model. It is equipped with two charging surfaces, one horizontal on the right side and one diagonally upright on the left side. So you can charge a smartphone, for example, and keep it in view while standing on the stand in portrait or landscape mode. At the same time, you can also charge Samsung’s Galaxy Watch or another Qi-capable Smartwatch – both loading surfaces support the Qi quick-charging function.

The EP-N6100 is the first Dual Qi charger from Samsung – other manufacturers are also following suit and reacting to this trend. Because not only smartphones support wireless charging: Meanwhile, in addition to smartwatches, for which most Dual Qi chargers were designed, there are also Qi Powerbanks or other gadgets, such as Qi sleeves for wireless headphones. An overview of Qi gadgets and smartwatches with Qi can be found in the Qi mobile phone list under “Other products.”

2. Wireless Charger for Samsung Note 9 with Qi quick charge function (EP-P3100)

The EP-P3100 cordless charging station has been on the market since 2018 and is characterized by compact dimensions, a simple but stylish look in black or white, and an anti-slip surface. Applied devices – whether Smartphone, Smartwatch, or Tablet – can be charged within a very short time thanks to the Qi quick charging function, if supported accordingly. The device, which costs around 40 euros, also comes with the matching fast charger as a power supply unit.

An LED display for the charging status is also included. This results in a more than reliable and modern Qi charging station, which can be used for all kinds of smartphones and other devices, not only from Samsung. Compared to the Dual-Qi charger from Samsung, also from this year, this model has the advantage of its rather compact dimensions – technically both are mature and on the same level.

3. Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S9 (EP-N5100)

The inductive quick charging station EP-N5100 was released in early 2018 as an induction charger for the Galaxy S9 and is once again a stand-alone device. One of the most modern wireless chargers currently available from Samsung comes, as usual, with a quick charging function and the faster Qi standard 1.2. The design hasn’t changed much, the leather look has given way to a smooth surface, and the device can no longer be folded up. In terms of color, it appears in black and white. As with its predecessor, several induction coils have been installed, as is usual with modern devices, so that it can perform its duty in everyday life without any problems.

4. Wireless Charger Station for Samsung Galaxy S8 (EP-PG950)

The inductive quick charging station EP-PG950, released for the Galaxy S8, has once again a surprise in terms of design: For the first time, it appears in a “changeable form,” i.e., it is foldable and can be used both in this form and as an upright charging station. The “Wireless Charter Convertible” (convertible) is technically very sophisticated, visually a real eye-catcher, and appears in two color variants. The matt leather design offers a particularly good grip and is non-slip. The smartphone finds enough space, can be charged standing up or lying down, and can be easily operated during the charging process.

5. Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S7 (EP-NG930)

The induction charger EP-NG930, released for the Galaxy S7 in 2016, is once again  different from its predecessor. For the first time, it was not designed flat, but as a stand-alone device or charging station for placing the smartphone upright. From a technical point of view, it is also an inductive quick charging station, thus equipped with the faster Qi standard. Here it is  necessary to use a suitable USB power supply with a power of 9V and 1.67 A. For the first time, two embedded charging coils were also used, which allow the smartphone to be placed in a horizontal or vertical position. With the upright design, you get a better view of all notifications on your phone – a clear advantage from our point of view.

6. Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge+ (EP-PN920 & EP-PG920)

With the Galaxy S6, the fourth inductive charger from Samsung has already been released. In contrast to its predecessor, however, the design has been completely revised. Instead of a rectangular shape, the new generation with the designation EP-PG920 was given a modern round design with glass optics. Technically, not much has changed. However, the inductive charger for the S6 is a real eye-catcher for the first time and is particularly impressive due to its design. Technically, it works reliably as usual, but has only a single induction coil for energy transfer inside, as was usual at the time.

The first inductive charging station with a quick charging function was launched by Samsung in August 2015 to coincide with the release of the Galaxy S6 edge+. The EP-PN920 model is visually indistinguishable from its predecessor but is offered in two colors, blue and white. Merely small ventilation slots on the underside indicate a technical change on the inside. The first Qi fast charging station has a power of 9 watts.

More info: Samsung EP-PN920 | from

More info: Samsung EP-PG920 | from

7. Other Samsung Wireless Chargers (Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 & Galaxy S5)

The first Qi Charger EP-P100I is already no longer available and was released around the beginning of 2013 for the Galaxy S3. It is flat, has about the size of a smartphone, and was only offered in white.

In the following year, the much smaller inductive charging station EP-PG900I was released at the same time as the Galaxy S4. The design is now flat and square instead of rectangular, the color black and with a leather look and otherwise technically comparable to the previous model.

This is followed by the Galaxy S5, the inductive “mini” charging station EP-PA510, which hardly differs optically and technically, but is available in different color variants.

More info: Samsung EP-PA510 | from

More info: Samsung EP-PG900 | from

More info: Samsung EP-P100I | from

8. Samsung Car Induction Charger (Qi Car Mount)

An inductive car cradle “S Charge Vehicle Dock” EP-HN910 was also developed by Samsung. Especially in the car, a wireless charging station brings many advantages, because you can quickly and easily place your smartphone there and no longer have to worry about a flat battery while driving. Unfortunately, the inductive car cradle EP-HN910 is currently no longer available on the market.


Review: Samsung EP-P5200


  • Load two devices simultaneously
  • Fast charge 2.0 with up to 12W
  • ideal for Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+


  • only one loading platform offers full 12W
  • two smartphones charge simultaneously with max. 7.5 W

At the same time, as the tenth generation of Galaxy smartphones, Samsung has also launched the new Qi charging station EP-P5200 Wireless Charger Duo Pad – currently the latest inductive charger from Samsung. The first Qi Powerbank from Samsung (EB-U1200) was also introduced. The new Qi charger, which listens to the type number EP-P5200, offers some unique features and is the successor of the Samsung EP-N6100. Among other things, as the name already suggests, two Qi-compatible devices can be charged simultaneously. What else the Wireless Charger Duo Pad EP-P5200 from Samsung can do, you can find out below.

General Qi charger Samsung EP-P5200

If you own not only a Samsung smartphone but also, for example, a Smartwatch from the South Korean manufacturer, you’re in an excellent position with the Qi charger model number EP-P5200.Because two devices can be supplied with new energy wirelessly at the same time,fFor this purpose, around the loading area with an anti-slip surface is accommodated on both the left and right. These can be used to charge either two smartphones, a smartphone, and a Smartwatch (e.g., Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active) or a smartphone and the Galaxy Buds headphones. Also, the Wireless Charger Duo Pad is  compatible with many other Qi-certified models, such as smartphones from other manufacturers.

The Wireless Charger Duo Pad EP-P5200 will be available in black and white in February 2019. The RRP is 99.99 Euro. However, the almost 100 euro purchase price isn’t wholly due at Amazon and Co. The current street price is around 70 euros. For your money, you get the aforementioned double charger in an elongated shape and with rounded ends left and right. The device is delivered with a power supply unit, which is not a matter of course in Samsung’s Qi charging stations.

The dimensions are 9.2 cm x 19.5 cm in depth and width and 1.8 cm in height. Thus, the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad is somewhat thicker than many other Qi charging stations. The weight is also higher at 168 g, which is logically due to the size of this dual charging station.

Overview of the functions

The flagship of the Wireless Charger Duo Pad is the Quick Charge 2.0, which allows you to charge compatible devices with 12 W charging power. This shortens the charging time and ensures a high-speed charging within a  short time. This is possible with the new Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+, for which the Wireless Charger Duo Pad EP-P5200 is the official Qi charging station.

However, you must bear in mind that only one device can currently be supplied with new energy using inductive quick charging 2.0 with 12 W. This must be located on the left-hand side of the charging area marked “Fast Charge 2.0”. If there are smartphones on both charging surfaces, they will be charged with a maximum of 7.5 W each. This also applies to all other Qi-suitable devices beyond Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+. This is not the highest charging speed, but still a reliable performance. If there are Smartwatches and the Galaxy Buds on the second charging surface, a new tenth-generation Galaxy can be charged with a full 12 W.

Conclusion on the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad EP-P5200

If you own a new Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e and want to charge it at maximum possible speed, the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad with the model number EP-P5200 is a must.

If you want to charge two Qi-suitable Samsung devices or even smartphones or smartwatches from other manufacturers wirelessly at the same time, that’s not an option either. The duo charging pad is not exactly cheap, but it also offers a lot of performance and quality for your money. However, if you want to focus less on quality, you can also get much cheaper dual charging stations with Qi standard. All in all, the successor to the Samsung EP-N6100 is technically well-positioned and definitely worth buying.

Technical details:

  • black, white
  • Fast Charge 2.0 (12W)
  • Dimensions: 19,5 x 9,2 x 1,8 cm
  • Weight: 168 g
  • Scope of delivery: Wireless Charger Duo Pad, USB-C power supply
  • Lights No
  • Signal No


Review: Samsung EP-P1100


  • Qi quick charge function
  • reasonable price
  • small dimensions


  • without power supply & USB cable

Since autumn 2018, the Samsung EP-P1100 inductive charging station has been part of the manufacturer’s inventory. It is offered for the Galaxy Note 9 and catches the eye with its flat design. However, the Wireless Charger Pad is not only suitable for Samsung smartphones, but can also be used for wireless charging of all Qi-certified devices. We have taken a closer look at what the device has to offer and how it performs in practical tests and summarized it here.

General Qi charger Samsung EP-P1100

The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad with the model number EP-P1100 is a typical Qi charger. It lies flat like a plate on a table or cupboard and makes a simple, modern impression. The smartphone to be charged or any other Qi-suitable device (e.g., tablet, Smartwatch, etc.) is  placed on top of it. It is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it versatile and not just powering Samsung smartphones. Once the charging pad is connected to the mains via the power supply unit and USB cable (Type-C), the Qi-compatible device placed on it is charged. Fast Charge”, according to the Qi standard with up to 9 watts, is also possible with the Samsung EP-P1100. It is, therefore, ideally suited for current smartphones with faster Qi standard. As usual, an LED display has been installed on the front, which shows the charging status in two colors.

A positive feature of the EP-P1100 is its compact dimensions. Especially the thickness is very manageable with just 11.9 mm. The diameter of the round charging tray is also compact at 88 mm, so that the Qi charging station doesn’t take up a lot of space and can also be stowed away to save space during transport. Moreover, the device weighs only 58 g, thus hardly falling into weight. It is only available in a black plastic version. The design is kept minimalistic and makes a high-quality impression. It is very similar to its predecessor, the EP P3100, but is significantly flatter.

Overview of the functions

On the technical side, the Qi quick charge function is especially important. Thanks to this, the devices to be charged are fully charged again within a short time. This saves time, which is not a negligible advantage, especially when the smartphone battery is empty. The condition is, however, that the device is suitable for quick charging, which is the case with almost all Qi-compatible devices today. Otherwise, electricity is “pumped” into the battery at the average speed. The EP-P1100 was also designed as a quick charger without active cooling via a new fan.


How long the charging time  depends on the particular device. The output voltage for rapid charging is a maximum of 10 V, the output current 0.9 A. During standard charging, the two values are 5 V and 1 A.

Conclusion on the Samsung Wireless Charger Pad EP-P1100

Samsung’s recommended retail price for the EP-P1100 Wireless Charger Pad is 34.90 euros. This is also the price which is called up in the official online shop of Samsung. However, if you order the device somewhere else (e.g., at Amazon), you usually only have to pay around 20 euros. This means that the street price is already well below the original price level. This makes the inductive charging station EP-P1100 a pretty good bargain for a brand name device.

However, the equipment and the scope of delivery turn out rather spartan. Unfortunately, you won’t find a power adapter including a suitable cable for the USB Type-C input on the charging pad in the packaging. Only a quick guide is included beside the charging pad itself. That’s not uncommon in Samsung’s Qi charging stations, but it’s also different in many models and other manufacturers. All in all, the EP-P1100 is a technically modern Qi charger from a quality manufacturer at a perfect  price and, therefore, absolutely recommendable.

Properties at a glance:

  • Qi fast charging function
  • very compact dimensions
  • Scope of delivery: Wireless Charger Pad, short manual

Technical details:

  • Black version, USB Type-C
  • Charging current 10V/ 0.9A (Fast Charging) or 5V/ 1A
  • Dimensions 8.8 x 8.8 x 1.2 cm
  • Weight 58 g
  • Scope of delivery Wireless Charger Pad, quick guide
  • Pilot lights No
  • acoustic. Signal No


Review: Samsung EP-N6100


  • load two devices simultaneously
  • fast wireless charging function
  • power supply unit and USB cable included


  • needs quite a lot of space
  • relatively expensive (UVP 99,90€)

Charge two devices at once with one charging station – that’s exactly what the Samsung EP-N6100 does. It’s a Wireless Charger Duo, i.e., a dual Qi charging station that has two charging surfaces. One of them can be used as a stand. So with the Samsung EP-N6100 Charger Duo, you can charge e.g., your tablet and your smartphone or your smartphone and a Smartwatch at the same time – provided that both support wireless charging. We’ve taken a closer look at what else makes the Samsung EP-N6100 Wireless Charger Duo, available in both black and white, stand out and what the device has to offer – it was released at the same time as the smaller Samsung EP-P3100. Meanwhile, a successor model is also on the market, the Samsung EP-P5200.

General information about the Dual Qi Charger Samsung EP-N6100

The special feature of the Samsung EP-N6100 Dual Qi charger is simply the fact that two devices can be charged at once – both in a short time, as we will describe in more detail further down on this page. On the left side is a charging stand, thus a diagonally upright charging station. This allows you to charge a smartphone in an upright position, so you have the charger and the stand in one.

This is handy if you want to keep an eye on your smartphone while charging. It can be placed in the stand vertically (portrait mode) or horizontally (landscape mode). This is possible thanks to the integrated multi-coil technology – i.e., the use of several induction coils in the charger. Not only smartphones can be used with the Samsung EP-N6100 in the charging stand, but it also offers enough space for smaller tablets and phablets.

In addition to the upright charging stand, there is also a horizontally positioned charging surface, also equipped with a “Fast Wireless Charging” function. Smartphones, but also smartwatches such as Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear Sport, and Co, can be charged on it. In general, all Qi-compatible devices can be charged with the Samsung EP-N6100 – not just those from Samsung. The only small disadvantage of the Wireless Charger Duo is the relatively large space requirement of the device.

The dimensions of 8.8 x 20.9 cm in length and width are more than twice the size of classic charging stations for one device. Thus, the Samsung EP-N6100 charger takes up considerably more space on the desk or any other location. The height of 9.7 cm is standard for a model that can also be used as a stand. The weight is also significantly higher, at over 500g. However, this should not be so relevant, since this Qi charging station is not intended for travel or transport anyway, but is ideally assigned its fixed place on the desk or elsewhere.

Overview of the functions

An important feature of the Samsung EP-N6100 Dual Qi Charging Station is that both charging stations are equipped with the “Fast Wireless Charging” function. This means that the attached devices are charged particularly quickly. This means that a smartphone that supports fast charging is recharged mainly within a very short time and is usually fully charged again within only around 2 hours. However, the exact charging time depends on the particular device. The charging station provides up to 2 amps. Power is supplied by the EP-TA300 quick charger, which is included in the scope of delivery. This is quite a rarity, as most charging stations usually come to your home without a power supply unit in the packaging.

Not a rarity, but a LED display that informs about the charging process is quasi  compulsory equipment. This is even available in two versions on the Samsung EP-N6100 Wireless Charger Duo – no wonder, as it also has to be informed about two charging activities. The two LEDs are located on the front of the device in the middle between the two charging stations and light up in red as long as the devices to be charged, such as a smartphone or smartwatch, are being charged.

Conclusion on the inductive dual charging station Samsung EP-N6100

The RRP for the EP-N6100 inductive charging station is just under 100 euros. The price currently due at online dealers is already a good deal lower, though. Nevertheless, this Qi charger is certainly no bargain. But it does offer two significant advantages: First, a quick charger of the type EP-TA300 is already included in the scope of delivery. This is far from being standard, as most charging stations are delivered without a power supply unit. And secondly, it’s a dual Qi charging station that allows you to supply two devices with new energy at the same time – not just those from Samsung. Both are even possible with Qi fast charging.

For example, you can charge your Smartphone and Smartwatch at the same time on one charging station.You don’t need two charging stations or have to charge them one after the other – both are charged the next morning when you place them on the EP-N6100 Dual Charging Station in the evening before going to bed, even if the night is short. Alongside the Samsung EP-P3100 (Aug. 2018) and the Samsung EP-N5100 (Feb. 2018), the EP-N6100 (Aug. 2018) is the third Qi charging station from Samsung this year. In the meantime, a successor model has also been released, the Wireless Charger Duo Pad EP-P5200. However, the EP-N6100 is still Samsung’s only dual charging station with an elevated  charging surface. All in all, it offers high quality, technical reliability and is still in the upper midfield in terms of price, which is a reasonableprice for a Dual Qi charger.

Properties at a glance:

  • Qi Dual charging station for simultaneous, wireless charging of two devices
  • Fast Wireless Charging” or Qi fast charging function
  • LED display shows charge status

Scope of delivery: Samsung inductive dual charging station EP-N6100, power supply EP-TA300

Technical details:

  • black, white
  • Charge current 10V/ 0.75A (Fast Charge) or 5V/ 1A
  • Dimensions 8.8 x 20.9 x 9.7 cm
  • Weight 295 g
  • Scope of delivery Samsung EP-N6100 Dual Qi charger, power supply EP-TA300, USB cable, quick start guide
  • Signal lamps Yes
  • acoustic. Signal No


Review: Samsung EP P3100


  • power supply unit included
  • modern Qi fast charger
  • stylish design with non-slip surface


  • relatively expensive (UVP 59,90€)

Just as often as Samsung introduces new smartphones, the company also brings new Qi chargers onto the market. One of the latest models is the Samsung Wireless Charger Pad EP-P3100. It was launched together with the duo charger Samsung EP-N6100, but contrary to its “big brother,” it is a simple Qi charger pad on which only one device can be charged at a time. We took a closer look at what the Samsung EP-P3100 charging station is all about and what it has to offer.

General Qi Charger Samsung EP-P3100

The Wireless Charger Pad or the Qi Charger EP-P3100 from Samsung is available in white and black. This makes it not only a perfect match for all kinds of smartphones and co.But also different environments – no matter whether you prefer black or white technology devices. The inductive charging station can be visually adapted to the environment and is less noticeable, e.g., on a desk or nightstand. That’s probably also where the Samsung EP-P3100 is traditionally used. But of course, it can also be used anywhere else where there is a power outlet for the power supply nearby and enough space for the round device. It doesn’t have to be too big.Thanks to the compact dimensions of less than 10 cm in diameter. The small “charging UFO” also doesn’t look too thick from the height of the device, so it is space-saving.

Practical, in addition to the thoroughly elegant and simple appearance, is the non-slip surface. Thanks to this, the devices that are charged on the Samsung Wireless Charger Pad EP-P3100 won’t slip down, even if the device is slightly tilted or you bump into it. So they are safely stored while they are being recharged on the Samsung Qi Charger Pad. Everything else you need to know about charging with the EP-P3100 is explained in the following section.

Overview of the functions

The Samsung Wireless Charger Pad EP-P3100 is suitable for all Qi-certified devices. This means that you can charge not only Samsung technology on it but all other manufacturers’ technology as well. And it doesn’t have to be just the smartphone that is recharged with the charging pad.

Charging smartphones is the most common application for Qi chargers these days. For example, the smartphones iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone XS Max / XR / XS from Apple as well as Note 8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7 from Samsung can be charged wirelessly on the EP-P3100 (click here for the complete list). Samsung EP-P3100 inductive charger but also the smartphones of many other manufacturers support “charging by hanging up.” And it doesn’t always have to be a mobile phone. Even tablets as well as smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear Sport, and Co, can be charged with this Qi charging station without the annoying connection of a cable. This makes it very versatile and you only need one charger to cover many different technical devices – provided that they can all be charged wirelessly, and you don’t want to charge several of them at the same time. This is not possible with the Samsung EP-P3100.

What works, on the other hand, is “Wireless Fast Charging,” as the Samsung EP-P3100 is equipped with a fast-charging function. This means that a smartphone can be fully charged within a few hours. A Samsung Galaxy Note 9, for example, only needs about 2.5 hours, which is significantly less than the standard wireless charging process. For this purpose, the scope of delivery includes Samsung’s inductive charging station EP-P3100 as well as the quick charger EP-TA2. This is not a matter of course (especially not for Samsung), but it’s efficientl, as you can get started straight away and don’t have to fall back on an existing power supply or order one to go with the charging station. You can also be sure that you have the right charger for a quick charge.

Also practical, but standard: an LED display on the charging station provides information about the current charging process. As long as the light is on, the smartphone or other device placed on the Qi charger is still charging. A small drawback, however, is the slight noise of the fan that can be heard while charging with the Samsung EP-P3100. This is there to prevent the device from overheating. If the charger is placed right next to the bed, this could be annoying for some people with hearing loss.

Conclusion on the Samsung EP-P3100

The RRP for the Samsung Wireless Charger Pad EP-P3100 is almost 60 euro. However, it is available at Amazon in both black and white for around 40 euro. Thus, this is not  very cheap, but also not an extremely expensive charging station for wireless Qi charging. It makes a high-quality impression, just as one would expect and expect from Samsung. Moreover, it supports, as usual, many devices (all of which are Qi-certified), comes with a power adapter in the scope of delivery and supports the “Wireless Fast Charge,” thanks to which a Qi smartphone is back with a full battery within about 2 hours. All in all, a more than reliable  and modern Qi charger, whose purchase we can recommend – there is little to criticize. In the meantime, a successor model has also been released, the EP-P1100. It is only available in one color variant, but technically very similar, and is delivered without a power supply. In summary, the EP-P3100 belongs to the most modern Qi chargers on the market, is optically an absolute eye-catcher and charges the smartphone reliably. In terms of price, it is not exactly a bargain, which is not to be expected from the market leader in this field.

Properties at a glance:

  • Inductive charging station with quick charging function
  • Attractive appearance and non-slip surface
  • LED display shows charge status
  • Scope of delivery: Samsung inductive charging station EP-P3100, quick charger EP-TA20

Technical details:

  • black, white
  • Charge current 9V/ 1A (Fast Charging) or 5V/ 1A
  • Dimensions15 x 2 x 7 cm
  • Weight 100 g
  • Scope of deliverySamsung EP-P3100 Qi charger, power supply EP-TA20, USB cable, quick start guide
  • Signal lamps Yes
  • acoustic. Signal No


Review: Samsung EP N5100


  • fast wireless charging function
  • minimalistic design
  • high-grade finishing


  • no power supply unit included (for EP-N5100B)
  • not foldable like predecessor EP-PG950

The Samsung EP-N5100 charger is a versatile device. According to the manufacturer, it is compatible with a wide range of Samsung smartphones, which we will discuss below. Another essential feature of the device: measures 116 x 91.4 x 87.5 mm in width, height, and depth and has a basic oval shape. Is that the “Fast Wireless Charging” function is also on board, thanks to which the devices to be charged are resupplied with fresh energy within a short time.General QI charger Samsung EP-N5100

Samsung offers the EP-N5100 Qi charger at an RRPof 64.90 Euro (EP-N5100B) and 74.90 Euro (EP-N5100T). However, the “street price” is significantly lower. The Qi charger is available in different versions and colors. Black and white are available.

The design is kept simple and minimalist. The EP-N5100B does not include a charger or USB cable. Alternatively, the same charger is also available as EP-N5100T. In this case, a Samsung quick charger (EP-TA20C) and matching USB cable are included, so that the device can be used immediately and there is no need to order or have a quick charger available.

Overview of the functions

The EP-N5100 can only be used unfolded as it is not foldable. The smartphone is then placed in the charger in an upright position. This way, you can easily keep an eye on it while charging. With the Samsung EP-N5100, quick charging according to QI standards is also possible. The output current is then 1 A at 9 V output voltage. This requires a suitable fast charger as a power source, as well as, the right Samsung smartphone. The Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge+ devices are compatible with quick charging. Standard charging is possible with Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and other Qi-certified devices. During charging, a small LED display informs about the current charging status of the battery.

Conclusion on the Samsung EP-N5100

The EP-N5100 is a versatile charger from Samsung that can be used with many of the manufacturer’s smartphones. It not only functions as a charging station but is also a stand with charging function. The EP-N5100T version is particularly practical, with the necessary power adapter with a quick charging function included in the package. If you already have a charger, you can also choose the slightly cheaper EP-N5100B. To sum up, the EP-N5100 from Samsung is technically very sophisticated and has been designed to look like a standard. It is not only well suited for the newer Samsung smartphones, but also for models from other manufacturers and is only in the midfield of the Qi chargers in terms of price but in return, there is the usual quality from the market leader.

Properties at a glance:

  • Inductive charging station with quick charging function
  • restrained design
  • stand able
  • LED display informs about the charge status
  • Package contents: Inductive Charging Cradle, Quick Start Guide (for EP-N5100B); Inductive Charging Cradle, Charger, USB Type-C cable, Quick Start Guide (for EP-N5100T)

Technical details:

  • Black, white – with/without power supply
  • Charge current 9V/ 2A (Fast Charging) or 5V/ 1A
  • Dimensions 11,6 x 9,1 x 8,7 cm
  • Weight 181 g
  • Scope of delivery Inductive cradle, quick start guide (for EP-N5100B); Inductive cradle, charger, USB type C cable, quick start guide (for EP-N5100T)
  • Signal lamps Yes
  • acoustic. Signal No


Review: Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Price:    $35.56

Style: Stand

  • Supports wireless charging on all Qi universal standard smartphones. Qi certified by wireless power Consortium (WPC). Qi certified for Tested and safe wireless charging. Works with Qi compatible smartphones including Galaxy Note10, Note10+, S10, Note9, Apple iphone8, iPhone x, iPhone 11.
  • Control fan and LED light with your phone by powering on/off using your Galaxy phone.
  • Us version includes: 1 year manufacturer warranty and wall charger

Product description:

Take your wireless charging experience to the next level with the fast Charge wireless charging Stand 2019 Edition. The new wireless charging Stand allows you to charge your compatible Galaxy device up to 1.4x faster than standard wireless charging transmitters. Using Samsung’s fast Charge technology, the Stand can transfer a faster charge to the device when used with the included fast charge wall charger. The fast Charge wireless charging Stand is closing the gap in speed between wireless and wired charging! The stand is also backwards compatible for any Qi-enabled device so you can charge those devices wirelessly at standard speeds. Works with all Qi compatible smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and x. Output Current: 1000.

Package Dimensions      5 x 5 x 5 inches

Item Weight                     13.6 ounces

Shipping Weight              13.6 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)


It works very well also you can charge your phone any way you’d like to sideways straight up and down even upside down. It works through very thick otter box case and also supports 2.0 fast charge.  It charges the phone from 10% to fully charged in only 80 minutes, but some people were complain that takes more than 3 hours to fully charge. t doesn’t work well with phones with covers so to ensure it charges you need to take the case off. Also, as with other chargers like this, if it’s not placed on the charger exactly right, it doesn’t charge the phone.


Review: Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand


  • very fast wireless charging
  • matte finish looks nice


  • usb c cable is way too short, about 3′
  • much warmer than fast wireless 1.0
  • expensive

Price:    $58.97

Color: Black and White

  • Compatible Phone Models: Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • Included Components: Wireless Charger, Wall Charger, Usb-C Cable

Fast charge 2.0

With a Galaxy Note10+, experience up to 15W* wireless charging output. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 can charge up to 12 W.

Faster charging speeds compared to Samsung’s standard charging speed. Charging your device wirelessly may require the addition of a wireless charging cover (sold separately)

Fan cooling

Improve your charging time with a built in cooling fan. A cooler battery charges more safely and efficiently.

Charging speeds may vary by device. Actual charging speed may also vary depending on usage, charging conditions and other factors. Tested under laboratory conditions.

Fan and LED light control

With the Galaxy Note 10, you can control the LED indicator icon and cooling fan. Turn them on or off with the phone.

Auto mode (Fan and LED scheduled working) is only available on one UI above Version 1.5.

USB-C compatible

Includes Super-Fast Charge 25W Wall Charger with USB-C Cable.

Product description:

Color: Black

Charge a Galaxy or Apple iPhone – Compatible with Galaxy Note10, S10, other select Galaxy smartphones and select Apple iPhone devices. Fast Charge 2.0 -With a Galaxy Note10+, experience up to 15W wireless charging output. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 can charge up to 12W. Qi certified – The Wireless Charger Stand is Qi certified meaning any Qi compatible products can charge on it. Just place the device’s back against the charger to begin. Includes Super-Fast Charge 25W wall charger and USB-C cable† Maximum Charge Power.

Package Dimensions      5.8 x 4.2 x 4.1 inches

Item Weight                     10.7 ounces

Shipping Weight              15.2 ounces


It came with the cable, the wall plug, and the wireless stand. All new Samsung devices will stop charging themselves once fully charged. Inside the box, there’s a power adapter (that plugs into the wall), the charging dock itself, and a charging chord with USB-C connections on each end (which plugs into the power adapter and the dock).

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