Takeaways of CES 2017 “What’s new?” That’s what people usually asked when they visited the WPC booth at CES 2017 in Las Vegas a couple weeks back.
@Apple's #iPhone8 may have #WirelessCharging that works up to 15ft away from the power supply! We can’t wait! https://t.co/7dsJXi7kSE
There’s still time to register for #WPCTradeshow w/ discounted rate. Meet with industry experts on #wirelesspower: https://t.co/1UWcJMFnhz https://t.co/syfAY31pXP
This glass design means the next iPhone could come with wireless charging https://t.co/MVpe1eu7oo
.@aircharge1 deploys #wirelesscharging in #Heathrow airport. Get details on the installation here: https://t.co/VPM67VOLsj https://t.co/uUWxsqg97p
True or false? Once consumers experience #wirelesscharging, they’re more likely to purchase products. #CES2017
Global Perceptions of Wireless Power: New Market Study The WPC commissioned a new market study to see how consumers felt about the latest collection of wireless products and services.
iHome Joins the WPC and Announces New Alarm Clock Delivering Hassle Free Wireless Charging for... Last week iHome announced that it is releasing two new alarm clocks that will include the latest features and ability to keep both Apple and Android devices fully charged.

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