ZTE nubia Z11 mini S Qi Wireless Charging:

ZTE nubia Z11 mini S Wireless Charging

Qi Wireless Charging not supported,
but Accessories available.

Unfortunately, your ZTE nubia Z11 mini S doesn’t have Qi Wireless Charging integrated. However, you can use a Wireless Charging Adapter for your device to make it Qi compatible, or view the list of all Qi enabled phones.

Introduction to The ZTE nubia Z11 mini S

The ZTE nubia Z11 mini S is a remarkable addition to the smartphone market. This smartphone stands out due to its impressive features that include a powerful Octa-core processor, substantial 4GB of Ram, striking 23MP rear camera, and an elegant 5.2 inch HD display. But what about its charging capabilities? One of the key inquiries many users have about modern smartphones is whether or not a device supports wireless charging. In this in-depth article, we will examine the wireless charging capabilities of the ZTE nubia Z11 mini S and provide insightful information to any potential users or current owners.

Does ZTE nubia Z11 mini S Support Wireless Charging?

The simple answer to whether the ZTE nubia Z11 mini S supports wireless charging out of the box is no. The company has not integrated this feature into the device. However, this does not mean that such an essential feature in today’s tech-savvy world cannot be enjoyed by ZTE nubia Z11 mini S users. Innovative solutions exist to enhance this smartphone’s versatility, allowing it to support wireless charging.

Wireless Charging Adapter for ZTE nubia Z11 mini S

One way to enable wireless charging on the ZTE nubia Z11 mini S is through the use of a wireless charging adapter. These adapters are typically ultra-thin, and can be easily attached to the back of the phone under the case.

Benefits of Using a Wireless Charging Adapter:

  • Convenience: Wireless charging is easy and quick. You simply have to place your smartphone on the charging pad. No more fumbling with wires or finding the right way to plug in the charging cable.
  • Ease of Use: Most wireless charging adapters use the phone’s USB port, meaning set-up is straightforward, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.
  • Versatility: These adapters are generally compatible with most wireless charging pads, offering flexibility in where and how you can charge your phone.

Choosing the Right Wireless Charging Pad for ZTE nubia Z11 mini S

When selecting a charging pad, ensure it is Qi-enabled. ‘Qi’ is a universal wireless charging standard. It’s worth paying a little more for a reliable model. Brands like Anker, Belkin, and Samsung offer well-made, reliable wireless charging pads that would pair well with your wireless charging adapter and the ZTE nubia Z11 mini S.


In conclusion, while the ZTE nubia Z11 mini S does not natively support wireless charging, there are still ways for users to enjoy this modern charging convenience. By using a wireless charging adapter and a Qi-enabled charging pad, you can seamlessly integrate wireless charging into your daily smartphone use. It’s a small investment that, for many, significantly enhances the user experience for this already impressive device.