Loewe and Spectral – Smart Furniture with Qi Wireless Charging

The German premium brands Loewe and Spectral join forces to create
high-end, smart furniture solutions for Loewe flat televisions and audio
equipment. The cooperation is a perfect match as both companies are
known for their timeless style, smart product design, exclusivity and the
ability to deliver outstanding added values to their customers.

Especially in Germany, Spectral is acknowledged for its innovative TV furniture
solutions such as integrated sound systems, hidden cable routing and connectivity
for integrating mobile devices into the living environment. The pioneer of
“Smart Furniture” exports its products around the globe and ensures tidy living
rooms which are still fully equipped with entertaining technology. Just place your
compatible device on the seamless integrated circle and the magic starts.

Spectral CEO René Glasmacher about the partnership with Loewe: „Spectral
unites ‚home’ and ‚entertainment’. Loewe is the ideal partner for us as the
company shares our values when it comes to high quality standards and the
promise of being ‚Made in Germany. We are more than happy about the new

The partnership aims to obtain perfect possibilities in tv device staging and
accommodation of equipment for the customers. As new brand named
“Loewe | Spectral” the furniture series will be available from May 2016.

The furniture designs consist of three different corpus sizes and various colors,
perfectly suited for a seamless integration of Loewe flatscreen televisions.
Numerous equipment options such as drawers and indirect LED lighting
combines home and entertainment in a smart way.

„We want to offer customers tailored and individual options for setting up our
products at their home. The partnership with Spectral is the next step on this
approach. Spectral and Loewe speak the same design language on all levels.
Therefore, we are very much looking forward to working with Spectral“, says
Mark Hüsges, CEO Loewe Technologies GmbH“.

Beside that, Spectral has also integrated Smart Charge in its Ameno, Brick,
Cockpit, Cocoon, Disc, Scala and Twenty furniture ranges.

Source / Pictures: Spectral/Loewe

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