iPhone SE (2nd Generation) Qi Wireless Charging:

Galaxy S7 Edge Wireless Charging

Yes, the 2020’s iPhone SE has Qi Wireless Charging integrated!

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How to charge new iPhone SE 2 wirelessly?

iPhone SE (2020) Wireless ChargingApple has once again decided in favour of the wireless charging standard Qi and has permanently integrated it – so the new iPhone SE (2020) is Qi enabled. You can charge your iPhone SE (2nd generation) wirelessly with any standard Qi charging station. The new iPhone SE also works with the 7.5 watt power level for wireless charging which is common for Apple. If you are interested in iPhone Wireless Chargers, you find more information here. The following steps show you how to charge your new iPhone SE wirelessly:

  1. Choose a 7.5 Watts Wireless Charger
  2. Place iPhone SE (2020) on Qi Charger
  3. Wireless Charging starts automatically

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If you use a standard qi charger without a 7.5 watt stage for the Apple iPhone, your phone will be charged at 5 watts, which takes a little more time to fully charge the battery. We therefore recommend using a Qi charger that is designed for Apple iPhones as well.