Does iPhone 11 have Wireless Charging?

Apple iPhone 11 Wireless Charging

Yes, the iPhone 11 supports qi wireless charging.
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iPhone 11 Charger


The iPhone 11 have Wireless Charging capability, but currently there are more and more reports about issues with iPhone 11 Wireless Chargers the update to iOS 13.1 should only allow the use of high-quality inductive charging stations from manufacturers like Belkin, Mophie, Logitech or Native Union with 7.5 watts of power. All other Qi chargers will be downgraded to 5 watts of power or dont work at all. Therefore we recommend only an iPhone 11 Charger like one of the following: Best Charger for iPhone 11.

The Apple iPhone 11 spports wireless charging up to 7.5 Watts with suitable accessories. Beside this the iPhone 11 unfortunately doesnt support reverse wireless charging like some rumors were telling.