Fairphone 4 Wireless ChargingThe Revolution of Charging: Fairphone 4 Wireless Charging

Charging your phone is an undisputed daily routine. However, the rise of wireless charging has made this regular task easier and more convenient than ever before. Among the latest smartphones that support wireless charging comes the Fairphone 4, which has made waves due to its commitment to creating sustainable, repairable, and long-lasting devices. With this article, we will dive deep into the world of Fairphone 4 wireless charging.

What is Wireless Charging?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Fairphone 4 wireless charging, let’s take a quick look at what wireless charging is. The fundamental technology underlying all wireless phone chargers is known as inductive charging.

  • Wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between two objects.
  • The technology involves the utilization of a charging station to emit energy, which the receiver coil in your phone converts into electricity to refill the battery.
  • Most modern smartphones, including Fairphone 4, come with built-in support for wireless charging.

Fairphone 4 and Its Approach to Wireless Charging

As one of the most innovative and environmentally conscious smartphone makers out there, Fairphone brings a unique approach to wireless charging. The Fairphone 4 supports wireless charging through the Qi standard, a universal standard for wireless charging of battery-operated devices like smartphones, tablets, and other relevant devices.

  • The Fairphone 4 can charge wirelessly with a power of up to 15 watts. This is a respectable rate, providing efficient charging times for users.
  • While Fairphone 4 does not offer its wireless charger, the device is compatible with all Qi-certified wireless chargers available in the market. This again underlines the brand’s commitment to sustainability and avoiding needless product replications in the market.

Benefits of Fairphone 4 Wireless Charging

There are several significant advantages to using wireless charging with your Fairphone 4, such as:

  1. Simplicity and convenience: No more fumbling for cables in the dark or dealing with fraying charging cords.
  2. Safer connections: Because wireless charging does away with traditional cables, it eliminates the associated risks of frayed cords and loose connections.
  3. Increased longevity: The device’s charging port undergoes less wear and tear, thus, increasing the lifespan of your smartphone.

Best Practices for Using Fairphone 4 Wireless Charging

Listed below are a few tips to get the best out of your wireless charging process:

  • Choose a Qi-certified charger: To make the most of your Fairphone 4 wireless charging experience, it is advisable to use Qi-certified chargers only. Non-certified products may lead to subpar charging speeds or even damage your device.
  • Proper placement: Always ensure to place your phone correctly on the wireless charger. The device should sit properly aligned with the charging pad for the best charging results.

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