Dell Wireless Charging Monitor supports Qi

Dell anounced at the CES 2016 two wireless monitors that allow mobile users to connect directly to the display without cables – and one of them has a Qi Wireless Charging stand for compatible mobile devices to enhance the no-wires experience. The Dell 23 Wireless monitor is packed with the latest technology allowing users to wirelessly display and manage content from a Windows-powered laptop and Android smartphone concurrently via Miracast. Furthermore, it has additional built-in speakers and supports Qi, so you can charge your Qi capable mobile devices by simply placing them on the charging stand of the monitor – without worrying about wires.

Dell will start selling both monitors as of March 31st on and the 23-inch version with the Qi Wireless Charging stand will be available in the US starting at $429.

Source / Picture: Dell

What do you think about Qi Wireless Charging Monitors? Would you buy PC Monitors or Laptops which support Qi? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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