iPhone SE (2022) Qi Wireless Charging:

Apple iPhone SE (2020) Wireless Charging

Does the iPhone SE 3 have Wireless Charging? Yes, the 2022’s iPhone SE (3rd generation) features integrated Qi Wireless Charging up to 15 watts.

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iPhone SE 2022 Charger


Does iPhone SE 3 (2022) support wireless charging?

Beside the iPhone SE 2020, also the iPhone SE 3 (2022) does support wireless charging. The iPhone SE 3 can also be charged with up to 15 watts using a magsafe wireless chargers. Only the iPhone SE (2016) cannot be charged wirelessly.

The following steps show you how to charge your new iPhone SE wirelessly:

  1. Choose a MagSafe 15 Watts Wireless Charger
  2. Place iPhone SE 3 (2022) on Qi Charger
  3. Wireless Charging starts automatically

If you use a standard qi charger without magsafe support, your iPhone SE 3 will be charged at 7.5 or 5 watts, which takes a more time to fully charge the battery. We therefore recommend using a magsafe wireless charger.

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