The UK based company Aircharge offers a great portable Qi Wireless Charging Solution for areas, where it’s hard to get direct access to a wall socket. It’s a really unique solution including an intelligent charging rack and five rechargeable battery pucks, each with 18.000 mAh capacity. Each battery puck guarantees eight full charging cycles (based on wirelessly charging an Apple iPhone 6, a recharge cycle is defined as charging the battery from zero to 100 %)

With the interchangeable battery puck solution, you can change the battery within seconds, lock it and juice up your Qi compatible devices. When combining with an Aircharge Wireless Surface Charger, you can form a full ready to use wireless charging solution.

With this solution there are no limitations of offering Qi Wireless Charging in e.g. Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Cafes or any other public place where you have no access to a wall socket.

Want to check, if your phone / tablet can be charged wirelessly with Qi?

qi compatible phone

1.) scan the QR-Code with a QR Reader of your choice or
2.) visit with your smartphone and we will show you whether your device supports Qi Wireless Charging or not. Alternatively, you can check our up to date list with compatible devices

Source / Pictures: Aircharge

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